Friday, June 22, 2012

Laminine Testimonials 1 diabetes, nerve pain, blood pressure, sleep apnea


I am in the construction business and three weeks ago Larry Kilby gave me some Laminine to try. He knew about my serious health issues. I was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago and hospitalized. I am a type II insulin dependent diabetic. Within 3 days my blood sugar tested the lowest that it ever was since I was diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugars were averaging 162-180 and now I am testing 111-130. I also noticed a willingness to eat better (I lost 7lb. through this 3 week process of being on the product), I have also suffered from a low grade depression for several years. DEPRESSION IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE.

Through taking the Laminine product, I have been able to endure stressful situations way better than I have ever been able to. Several days ago I was hospitalized with a severe lumbar strain and the doctors told me it would take a minimum of three weeks to return to work. On Laminine I was back to work within 3 days of being released from the hospital. Out of all of the products I have taken over the past several years that have come and gone, Laminine is the only product that has shown viable results. I really feel that this is only the beginning for what this product will do for me. IT WORKS!
-Steve E.

I am a landscape contractor in CA. One of my associates I subcontract with shared Laminine with me four weeks ago. He just wanted to see if it would make me feel any better. Although I am one of the world's biggest skeptics, I decided to give it a try. I have suffered from severe nerve pain for the past eight years. The pain is spread throughout my entire body. Even after six surgeries, the pain has not subsided (even increased).

The second day on Laminine, the pain went away some 80%. It stayed at that level until I stopped taking the Laminine (just to see if it was the Laminine getting rid of my pain). The next day the pain shot back up. I immediately started back on the product and the pain subsided again. I also noticed that my vision started clearing up. My eyes are great but I just cannot read fine print. By the second or third day I could actually read the fine print.

My blood pressure, however, has been a SERIOUS health issue for me. It usually runs 233/117. After being on Laminine just a few days, my blood pressure dropped 10-15 points, which is major to me. Out of all the medications I have taken, Laminine has done the most for me. I don't know how it does it, BUT IT DOES. Laminine has truly transformed my life.
-Gene H

Last Wed Dec 23rd you gave me some Laminine and I took it right away, in an hour I felt better, euphoric. In the next few hours less of a headache, less hungry feeling good. Thursday took the pills (2) in the AM and just going along with my day and thinking my neck is not sore 2 bad disc and rested slept. Over the week of taking Laminine I had better sleep (have sleep apnea), less hungry, no neck issues, no night sweats (great to help with sleep to), have skin tags on my body and after 2 days I realize they are gone (30 plus) I have them removed at least yearly. A bump on my hip that has been there for 15 years almost gone, I have had 13 surgeries and some pain discomfort from some of them and that is gone I have 2 bad Achilles and that pain and swelling is gone, for the first time in many years I can walk up and down stairs normal (had to lead with my right leg and drag my left up). I am looking forward to having Laminine as a part of my life so I can enjoy living every day.
-Bob M.

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    I live in Southern California so if you want first had experience goto and go to the bottom of the page for my name and phone number. All the best to all of you.
    Thanks LifePharm for such a wonderful opertunity!