Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Laminine Testimonials 12 ADD, insomnia, energy, more focus, good feeling of well being,

I initially decided to try it to see if it would have any effect on my ADD. I had tried prescription medications for it in the past and wanted to try something new in an effort to get away from the side effects I had previously experienced. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Although I did see some increase in my attention span, where I really saw the most difference was in dealing with my insomnia. Due to a recent family tragedy, I had been experiencing persistant moderate to severe insomnia. I had tried over the counter and prescription medications. Neither provided more than a few days of relief from my sleeplessness and often had side effects that were worse than being tired. I would often survive on 2-3 hours of sleep per night for many nights in a row. At times I was often cranky, short tempered, unable to concentrate and more than once became

This all changed on the evening I began taking Laminine. I immediately became able to “turn my brain off“ - something I hadn’t been able to do before no matter how hard I tried. I can’t describe the relief in being able to lay down and know that you will actually be able to sleep instead of laying in bed tossing and tuning, eventually getting up exhausted and emotionally unfit to handle my day. As an added bonus I also saw a reduced intensity in food cravings and a greater ability to make proper food choices despite the fact that it was the week before I was due to start my period.

Overall, I would say I had an extremely positive experience and will continue to use your product to combat my insomnia. I know this works as 3 days after I ran out of my first order of product, my insomnia started coming back. I am now as of tonight back on the product with my new supply.
-Stephanie F.


I did notice a burst of energy after taking Laminine for 3 weeks. I was extremely tired during a conference and noticed a difference when I added Laminine to my Juice Plus system. I am a pretty high energy person anyway and have been on Juice Plus for 8 years, but adding Laminine gave me more energy. Just the other day, I did 3 workouts in one day. So, taking Laminine with my already existing nutrition program added more energy, more focus, and an over all good feeling of well being, which we all need during stressful times. The longer I take it the better I feel.
-Teresa H.

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