Sunday, July 1, 2012

Laminine Testimonials 2 stamina, smoking cessation, mental focus, motivation

I own 2 Snap Fitness facilities with one on its way and I have been training myself for 15 years and have been using vitamin sprays for at least 3 years. I have definitely seen a difference in the quality of the vitamins and most importantly the benefits gained since I switched over from the
other stuff I was taking. Most recently the addition of Lamimine has been an amazing product for me it has helped me in my workouts with increased
stamina increased muscle growth and I have also noticed some significant fat loss. Also, not something I was looking for but very noticeable
was the increase in sex drive. I am a 29 year old with absolutely no worries about sex drive and these Laminine capsules increased even MY sex drive which was amazing! All in all I give this new product an A+ !
-Joshua S.


I have been a smoker for 38 years, and my habit has grown to 1 pack a day. I have recently developed a “smoker’s cough” and I realize that the cigarettes are literally killing me. As you know I am not much for taking anything and certainly
was not interested in what you had to offer (at first). But you convinced me to “at least try” the product. Deep down I knew I needed a miracle
as I hadn’t up to that point been able to quit this habit.
Anyway, even though you weren’t promoting these capsules as a stop smoking product, but rather something that might be able to change
my mood and give me the power to make life changes, something miraculous happened to me. After just 3 days on the capsules taking 2, twice a day, I LOST MY URGE TO SMOKE! I am currently smoking only 8 cigarettes a day and I believe the only reason I smoke even that amount is because of the “habit” of having something in
my mouth. I can honestly say that I feel more active and alert
than I ever have before, I already got a friend of mine on the capsules who has some issues.
-Paul B. M.


I am an active mid twenties athlete. I play tennis, soccer and bike ride at least once per week. I began taking Laminine to see what it could do for my mental focus both at work and while participating in my sporting activities. When I
began taking the supplement I didn’t really notice any sudden change apart from a little more energy in the evening time. After about a week I missed a couple of days where I didn’t consume the supplement. It was then that I noticed the change. I didn’t feel as focused mentally, less energy in my sports and not
much desire to get to the gym in the evening after work. I started taking the supplement again the next day and sure enough I felt more motivation
to workout after a long day at work.
-Jonathan O.

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