Sunday, July 1, 2012

Laminine Testimonials 3 more energy, hair growth, hypertension,

Some days I seem to have (1) either more energy and/or (2) a greater desire to get my daily tasks done. Overall, I have experienced some gain in energy. However one day I woke up feeling like “who beat me up in the middle of the night?” Some mornings I wake up feeling really ready to get started – more energy – ready to roll with the day! Other days I wake up extremely tired – more so than usual; on other occasions I wake up tired but not overly tired. An important part of my life is spent serving the LORD on mission fields. But in the spring and summer months, I am busy on my 24 acres of beautiful Kentucky farmland. Following a recent flood, the road entrance to my home was covered with an avalanche of mud and dirt. So my most recent task was to move many, wheelbarrows of mud/dirt uphill to clear the road. Usually after three wheelbarrows my energy level is low. But since I have been on the Laminine, after three wheelbarrows, I still have energy. So I am definitely experiencing an increase in both energy and stamina. Recently, within a two-day period of work in the hay fields, we moved 1,700 bales of hay. I am not sure whether I had more energy, or whether I just had a stronger “want to” which energizes me to work longer; but however it came, it was a most welcome experience. Then I began to notice when I shave in the mornings, that my beard seems to be getting longer faster and it also seems to be getting a little bushier.
However, I sincerely believe it is too early in the study to be able to determine all the changes Laminine is making. At the end of the four weeks Microscopy Study on Laminine capsules, I plan to continue documenting my daily results for another four weeks without the Laminine capsules; Then we will be able to more accurately determine whether the accelerated beard growth I am
currently experiencing was because of the Laminine or not. This will be my version of a “placebo study.” The director of the Study will monitor my results as a continuation of the current study. She also agrees - this additional month will give us a more accurate assessment of the total overall results of the use of the Laminine extract. I am grateful to have been selected to be a participant in this pioneer study.
-Doug C.


Recently in the past several years I’ve had high blood pressure issues that were affecting me passing the physical for work, and my Commercial Driver’s License. So high blood pressure has been a serious health speed bump. I was a border line patient for medication. I needed to understand that hypertension is not an inevitable part of aging or genetic destiny. Nor is a lifetime of medication the only course of action! The truth is that this is one area of my health that is fully modifiable if I were are willing to commit to some positive changes in my diet and lifestyle. I took the Laminine capsules for the last couple of months even thru a severe cold that lasted a little over two weeks. I was on many road trips eating away from a normal diet and proper rest. I was called up for an annual physical and to my astonishment I still lost 21lbs. and the best of all my BP is PERFECT from the doctor! Neighbors have been noticing my weight loss(transformation) and asking what diet was I on. I can foresee that this product definitely being a HUGE HIT!
-Mike M.

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