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Laminine Testimonials 4 Alzheimer's, memory loss,

In early 2008 my dad was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s but it was apparent to everyone for several years already that his memory was toast. He is 86 now but his memory was real bad for the last 4 or 5 years already, and becoming a problem to his functions in daily life. In the fall of 2008 my dad had gone out in his back yard to prune his trees and fell off his ladder and broke his hip causing a lengthy stay in hospital. He had been told the professional people were hired to do this but he “forgot that part”. Once he got out of the hospital he had a small car accident which seemed to be due to mental incompetence and his doctor pulled his drivers license. In early 2009 my elder siblings moved my parents into a seniors care facility because they felt my folks could no longer look after themselves in their own home. My mother was having a real difficult tie coping with his memory and changing moods.

In about mid 2009 the doctor had a private meeting with my elder siblings that he felt my father would be very much deteriorated by this Christmas, both in terms of memory loss and life skills functions and my mother would no longer be able to cope with his needs on her own without daily professional help. He said our family should prepare themselves for big negative changes in his condition “by Christmas”. I was not involved in all this in 2008 & 2009 since I was living in
Russia or Dubai and could only keep abreast of things by phone & e-mail. My siblings urged me to come home to Canada for this Christmas to be with my dad.
After discussing all this with Bernard I started my dad on Laminine on Sept. 21/09 so now it’s almost 3 months. In the past month my father has had a mini-mental exam by his doctor & he told us that he felt our dad was somewhat better. Well, my mother and my siblings had already noticed a degree of improvement on their own. Yesterday (Dec. 10), I had a long private conversation with my folks and they felt he was getting better as opposed to getting worse as he was expected
to do.

They do not say that there are miraculous results to shout about, and there are still many instances of short term memory loss; but overall they are quite pleased that there has not been a large step backward in his condition as we had all anticipated. Of course it’s hard to know where he would be at now had he not used Laminine at all since that is “the road not taken”, but we surmise we have lot to be thankful for. My father is restless and wants to drive again.

The family is worried about this but he has made an appointment for a medical Exam review of his condition with the Drivers Medical Board and is determined to recover his license. We will not stand in his way. The mental assessment & motor functions will be very difficult for him to pass so we leave this matter up to the doctors.

They are obviously not going to put an old man back on the road who has a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s unless he can satisfy them that he is competent to operate a vehicle again; but just that he is even within striking distance of doing this is a victory in our eyes for what Laminine has done for him.

His doctor does not know that he is using Laminine & is raving about the positive results for the drugs he has him on, but when the smoke clears I hardly think we as a family will be giving the credit to prescription medication,….. we’re not that naive.

So the overall report is good & we expect that our father will continue to improve or at least not slip into a hopeless Alzheimer’s condition in the near future. It is still early in the game so to speak and at this point we feel we are winning, and for us this is an important step in the right direction.
-Les H.

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