Friday, July 6, 2012

Laminine Testimonials 7 sinuses, self esteem, positive mood, elation, confidence

Dr. Kim Gebrosky, a very good family friend came by the house and asked me to watch a video on this 8 or 9 day old egg, or whatever it was. After watching the Video my curiosity was stimulated a bit but still very cautious as to giving a thumbs up approval. Dr. Kim gave me two capsules that I took and then we started to
talk for bout 5-10 min. when I felt a tingle feeling in my face around the sinus area where I was developing another congestion issue. I shared this with Dr. Kim and he explained to me that he had taken a few earlier and he felt that same
thing. I felt a few pos of relief around the pressure areas of my sinuses and felt really good. Dr. Kim gave me a packet of capsules only if I promised
to take them and not set them to the side,” He knows me oh to well”.

The next morning I took the pills as directed by Dr. Kim and had a good feeling not a caffeine high but a, want to do something good for myself high. I had good self esteem that wasn’t a here one moment gone the next. The best word for it
is: Euphoria, a state of very intense happiness and feelings of well-being. This is something that has been lacking for a long time in my life.

I’m back at the gym everyday and I can’t get enough, I feel good about myself, and I’m on a hard core diet. The pill has not stopped my craving to eat , but it has built up my desire to be a better, healthier person. I approach my physical situation with a positive and meaningful outlook. I have more self-awareness as to how I treat me and what is better for me. Foods don’t comfort me, I comfort me. After just more than a week and losing 12 lbs. I have now entered a contest with Max Muscle, it’s a body transformation contest that will last until June 31 of this year. You can follow my success on line. I will be using some of Max Muscle
products such as protein drinks, and glutamine.

Without a doubt, I have to contribute 1000% of my success to this incredible Laminine. I’m experiencing a positive mood and gained a better sense of mental soundness and contentedness. I have always had daunting emotions about working-out, unhappiness over my weight, overwhelming waves of jittery gloom or, worst case, had no emotional sensations at all – I now have the ability to feel good, a keen sense of focus, and the ability to see past what I am today, and images of what I will be tomorrow. Feelings of elation, confidence and overall real, raw emotion has found its way back into my life once again.

-Mike M.

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