Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is 'balut' a stem cell enhancer?

SAVOIR FAIRE By Mayenne Ca The Philippine Star Updated September 11, 2012

He stands erect, plays golf twice a week, still travels with a group of senior citizens to join golf tournaments abroad, actively goes to office daily, and keeps abreast of the latest technology by learning how to use an iPad and an iPhone.

He is still mentally sharp, and never fails to astound me, especially when he talks to us very accurately about the latest medical technology. He still drives himself everywhere and the only time he uses a driver is when he has to attend a function with my mom.

After reading about the findings of some scientists, I think balut has a lot to do with his good health, mental acuity, and stamina.

Recently, a friend slipped and twisted her knee and pulled her hamstring muscles. She was in so much pain for weeks and her doctor prescribed some medicines and physical therapy, but her recovery was taking longer than she expected. And then she bumped into her lady doctor friend who shared with her the curative powers of this wonder pill, Laminine. According to her lady doctor friend, Laminine made her eyes and mind sharper, gave her the stamina to tolerate rigorous gym exercises, and endowed her with maximum muscular strength. It also made her recover faster from fatigue after her training sessions.

The lady doctor regaled everyone with testimonies on how Laminine improved her friends’ health conditions. Like the miraculous recovery from the worst diabetic attack that almost ended in an amputation, a cancer patient avoiding surgery of a nodule in the adrenal gland, quick recovery from a knee replacement surgery, among others. Lady doctor convinced my friend to take Laminine and sure enough, her knee and hamstring got better.

I was so curious to learn about this wonder pill that I took the initiative of having coffee with Lady Doc and this is what she disclosed:

Laminine is a result of an experiment of a Canadian doctor, Dr. John Ralston Davison, in 1929. Dr. Davison theorized that an extract from fertilized hen eggs could be helpful for cancer. Fifty years later Dr. Davison passed away, Dr. Bjodne of Eskeland revived the study on fertilized hen eggs. He hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits. In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs, specifically nine-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life. This includes vitamins and minerals and proteins as well as important defense growth factors, hormones, and other biologically active components.

At this point, I interrupted the good doctor and said,

“So, if partially incubated egg is like balut, I might as well eat balut.” She replied, “Yes and no. Yes, because balut is a partially incubated egg but no, because balut is more than nine days old and did not undergo the process of getting the powerful extract!” She went on patiently that a patented process extracts the “Critical Nutritional Fluid” from the white of an egg at the “protoembryonic” stage (nine days old) of the fertilized egg. At this stage, the extract has all the 22 amino acids, peptides, and growth factors that nurture the body’s own stem cells.

During one experimentation stage, they found out that the group taking Laminine experienced strength increase that was nearly double that of the other group using a placebo. Athletes who were taking it outperformed the other group in areas of endurance, training, motivation, and subjective health and wellbeing. They also recover faster after a training period, have better muscle tone and increased muscle strength.

Other benefits of Laminine, according to many testimonies unveiled by the good lady doctor, are: increased organ defense against the effects of aging, healthier skin and hair, increased libido, reduced cholesterol, improved sleep, and enhanced memory function. It’s also been said to prevent dementia from progressing; reduce symptoms of asthma, cystic fibrosis, and emphysema; help prevent cataract and macular degeneration; enhance neurotransmitters in the brain; help treat some respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, angina, and chronic pulmonary disease; aid in the elimination of toxic ammonia in the form of nitrogen from the body; regulate blood pressure; control serotonin level; improve mood; regulate diabetes; help increase HDL “good” cholesterol; help in weight loss as it curbs hunger; aid in fertility when taken with fertility drugs; and prevent colon cancer and other forms of cancer. Laminine seems to be a cure-all, a miracle pill, the answer to our prayers to improve, cure and prevent a lot of diseases. It certainly is worth a try. It is manufactured in California, USA.

Laminine is a curative pill that has stem cell-enhancing properties but perhaps our humble balut (especially if we can get them as young as nine days old) is not a bad substitute, seeing how very healthy my father still is at 90!

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