Thursday, October 11, 2012

Testimonials of YTE Users - Laminine

A seventy-eight-year-old Norwegian actor states that he has no problem keeping up with his wife, even though she’s thirty-three years his junior. He still travels all over Norway to perform, and in his spare time enjoys chopping wood in his yard. He attributes his robust condition to YTE:

“I am really on a roll! When I see people of the same age as myself in the gym or at the golf course, I have to admit that I feel pretty fit. I have more energy and feel better and stronger than I have been for many years. And, when my general shape is improving, it influences my life in every way. Excess energy is positive for the
spirits, the health, and the existence in general. I don’t know if it’s just superstition or if it’s just the food sup- plement that works this well, but I’m going to keep on using it as long as I feel this healthy and energetic.”
—Toralv M., Age 78, Norway

“My life has totally changed since I started taking YTE last summer. I’m not only sexually active more often, but also have more energy and power in my everyday life. YTE has made me happier. The product is fantastic.”
—Trond M., Age 32, Norway

“No day is the same, and sometimes it is difficult to regenerate one’s energy fast enough, especially where the level of activity has been quite high over a long period of time. Therefore, I was very glad to have been
able to use Young Tissue Extract.”
—Ingrid Kristiansen, Norway, Former World Champion runner in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters

“For years I felt physically tired and mentally exhausted. Three months ago, I began taking Young Tissue Extract daily. Within ten to eleven days, I felt more energetic and much more productive. I have been sleeping better since then and don’t get tired so quickly. My self-esteem has really increased.”
—John B., Age 51, Norway

“Being skeptical about ‘new discoveries,’ I was hesitant to put YTE to the test. In doing the research, I was intrigued by something that had been around so long and had no detractors or any noted side effects. I had read the clinical studies and numerous statements from athletes endorsing its use. I can now say without question that the effects of YTE are both marked and far reaching.

I also noticed a marked increase in my energy level and in my ability to maintain a much calmer demeanor through very stressful situations. I continued to use YTE (for just over two months) and continued to notice small, incremental improvements in my overall well-being. I plan to continue using YTE for at least the next year.”
—Chris Botosan, California

“I have taken Dr. Eskeland’s Young Tissue Extract for over six months now, and I can attest to the fact that it is the most well-researched, safe and effective, natural anti-aging supplement I have personally used in my almost forty years in the natural health field. . . . I consider Young Tissue Extract to be the ‘missing link’ in
my supplement program. Although I’m very healthy for a man fifty-five years old, I do tend to get run down a bit with my long work hours and extensive business travel, but since I started taking YTE, my energy levels have skyrocketed. I feel much stronger during my daily exercise programs, and my mood, particularly my sleep patterns, has improved immensely. I truly believe from my own personal experience that YTE is the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in a capsule form. I’ve never felt better in my life.”
—Lee Swanson, Age 55, North Dakota

Ref: Dr. Eskeland’s Young Tissue Extract (YTE)

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