Thursday, January 10, 2013

When TV brings a promise of hope and healing

As 2013 unfolds, people from all walks of life brim with optimism. After all, a new year promises another beginning, fresh hopes and opportunities.

Anna Rivera, one-half of the pop rock singing duo Fire, makes the most of all these positive energies in a 30-minute talk show titled Be Alive, a revolutionary program that aims to bring inspiration and aspiration, hope and healing to listening Filipinos.

“Our show is all about how to improve your life, bring hope and knowledge and trusting the fact that you have the power to change for the better,” says Rivera, creative director and co-anchor of Be Alive.

She adds, “It puts emphasis on the miracle of life, and how health and recovery is truly possible, when there is hope and a product that you can trust.

“Our thrust here in Be Alive is that for those who are sick, that you can get well, through other means of prevention and by natural ways. Living well is for everyone,” avers the host.

“People who were sick will be interviewed during the program and how and what helped them to get well. We are presenting a food supplement that really brings in the results, which is overall wellness and well-being. The product is called Laminine.”

According to information provided by the company, “Laminine provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most. It is a natural, synergistic super food that contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, all eight essential amino acids along with other nutritional elements. It is also nature’s most perfect food and the perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.”

Rivera admits, “I was very skeptical at first when they presented Laminine to me. And I think it’s a normal reaction since reading the kit, you might say, the benefits are just so amazing.”

“You know, I had a lump in my breast and was scheduled for an operation,” the Fire lead singer confesses. “Six months after taking it, the lump was completely gone and even my doctor was so surprised.”

Is it a wonder drug then? Rivera replies, “It is not a medication, it does not heal anybody, it is not a drug. It is a food supplement.”

She adds, “In the TV show, we say that we are not here to give the audiences medical advice, but we tell them that we offer is a supplement. You know, our body has its own repair mechanism. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we were all your younger, but it falters as we age. Laminine addresses that; it unleashes anew this powerful mechanism inside us.”

Another firm believer of Laminine is co-anchor Maggie de la Riva, who states, “Laminine is really an enigma. The repair mechanism is dependent on each person, and how your system works.”

De la Riva adds, “For me, I felt the improvement coming in at three weeks. First of all, my knees were getting weak and it was getting too difficult to go and up and down my staircase. Now I have no problems with that. I am even enrolled in a flamenco class. Also, I have been sleeping profoundly, and would you believe, I started dreaming again. When I wake up, I the mornings, my mind is so clear and sharp, I feel a tremendous energy surge.

“It addresses the most important issues of your body,” stresses De la Riva. “It really helps in the regeneration and rejuvenation of your damaged cells.”

“Be Alive is a wonderful show,” the co-anchor enthuses. “We are very much committed to present an exciting and relevant program that highlights the testimonials of people who had brushes with their health and how they survived it, plus panel discussions with doctors explaining the many reasons a person has this or that illness and what cure can be used for healing.”

Bringing in Laminine to the Philippine market is Susan Barlin, currently the chief executive officer of Forever Rich Philippines. She sees herself as a mentor and motivator whose main objective in life is to shorten the gap between the rich and the poor, creating more middle-class Filipinos.

Again, Barlin emphasizes, “Laminine is not a medicine. Don’t quote us that it is healing all these ailments. It is a food supplement that has all the building blocks of life. My analogy here is that is both fertilizer and pesticide. It is a fertilizer because pinapataba niya lahat ng mga cells mo and then as a pesticide, all the elements in your body, it eliminates.”

Barlin declares, “The bottom line is this: it has helped a lot of people. And this is what the TV audiences will watch in Be Alive. These testimonials are so heartfelt and inspiring. We want to tell all Pinoys that it is not the end of the world. There are things that one can try and you can tell me if it worked or not.”

Be Alive, with its celebrity hosts Anna Rivera, Maggie de la Riva and Susan Barlin, airs every Sunday, starting Jan. 6, GMA News TV Channel 11, 9 to 9:30 a.m.

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