Friday, February 1, 2013

Proven Ways To Enchance Memory For A Healthier You

Our memory is something we never want to lose. It is possible to prevent memory loss with a few simple steps. By being educated about memory loss and ways to prevent it, you will save yourself agony later in life. You can never start too early with memory loss prevention. This article will give you plenty of tips on how to prevent memory loss.

Too much stress can make it easy to forget important information. Whether you are learning something new or are attempting to recall where you have put something, relax. Instead of quickly becoming upset with yourself, allow some time to recall the information.

Memory Games

Try playing memory games to better your skills. Some memory games are fun and are effective in helping you recall things better. Such exercises sharpen concentration as well as memory. You can play many memory games for free online.

A method known as “chunking” can be helpful as a memory tool. This method lets you group together information, such as the digits that make up a phone number, in a manner that will make it easier to remember information, or to write down for another person.

You can help improve your memory by consciously paying attention and not passively listening. While you may believe you’re focused, your mind is actually wandering and not catching what is being presented. Clear your thoughts and focus intently on what you’re being told or shown. Focus on the subject in order to solidify your memory.

To better your mental performance and to remember information that you need, eat brain food. One of the best ways to keep your mind sharp is to consume healthy fats. Include foods like fish and walnuts in your diet, and try to avoid trans fats; you can include oils from olives or flax seeds if you would rather use them.

Minimize the amount of coffee you drink. Drinking coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine can result in dehydration. Since the main component of your brain is water, dehydration can lead to exceptional tiredness and a diminished functioning of the brain cells. That negatively impacts the ability to remember and recall information.

Take time to practice breathing all throughout the day. Once every hour, be sure to take three deep breaths via your nose. You will find that as you do so your body will relax. Rest assured, some of the additional oxygen you are taking in is going straight to your brain. Your brain uses the oxygen to sharpen its focus and store information in a way that makes it easier to recall later.

Memory Loss

By now, you know that there are different ways to prevent or decrease memory loss. By using this article’s advice, you will not only help stop memory loss from occurring when you get older, but you can help your current memory. There is never a bad time to exercise your memory and your brain. Your mind is similar to your body, in that both require some form of exercise.

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